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We believe in love for all. All kinds of love, our love too. So, if you are a guy, or you have a guy in your life, that is into custom jewelry, one-of-a-kind backpaks and imported designer shades - you've come to the right place. Check out "For Him" section above & let us know what other items/designers/citiesyou'd like to see in the mix. Holler!


Tel-Aviv Fashion Week | Highlights 

This year's Fashion Week included some of the biggest names in the local industry as well as its brightest, freshest, up & coming stars. We saw major focus on an all-inclusive casting roster which brought out models of various sizes, shapes, colors & ethnicities on the catwalk. Israel is mostly viewed as the odd yet fascinating meeting point of Eastern & Western cultures, progress & conservatism, the land of yarmulkes & flip-flops with a generally utilitarian approach to fashion. This year's Fashion Week in Tel-Aviv has shown otherwise. Designer showcases included everything from Thelma & Luise inspired leopard head scarfs matched with white, form fitting dresses to desert landscape motifs printed on gender-neutral streetwear. Tel-Aviv's young designers are dreamers with both feet in the hot grainy sand, and their collections were a mirror image of the juxtaposing essence of their homeland. The designers weren't the only ones taking risks this season, the kids of fashion came out to play as well. Street style & BTS photogs were busy snapping away local fashion heads who went full throttle with complete glam-team looks & poses. Even though it's unlikely that Tel-Aviv will ever become a real fashion capital, it doesn't take away from the captivating charm of its local designers and the desire of its people to support homegrown talent. All snaps by Tel-Aviv based photogs. 
-- Top photo by Dana Kaspi Lavi --

Designer:  Idan Laros 

 Designer: Sample


Designer: Vivi Balaish



 Designer: Dror Kontento

Designer: Sample



Designer: Vivi Bellaish





And so the story goes...

This month we've welcomed 5 new designers on board, showcasing jewelry, eyewear & gender neutral apparel.
One of Tel-Aviv's homegrown underground labels, Mr. Smith Jewelry, has gained quite a following with the city's nocturnal crowd in the past few years. You can spot the label lovers adorned with its signature chunky chainlink bracelets, running the late-night streets of Tel Aviv city.
Another newcomer with a studio based in Jaffa (southern part of Tel Aviv and a "city" in its own right), is gender-neutral label Vague, which follows the #allblackeverything mantra. Vague's collection can be best described as multi-purpose pieces that rep for casual matrix-inspired style.
Taking a quick plane ride to another part of the world, Darkside Eyewear is the first sunglasses brand to be featured on the platform. We love everything about this Porto-based brand, from the frame colors to their shapes - it's all about versatility meeting the perfect price point for a pair of fresh shades.
Porto has been a breeding ground for some of the most interesting designers in Portugal for quite some time now, putting up a solid fight to the local fashion capital - Lisbon. This brings us to the next Porto-made brand, Nuuk, a jewelry label that introduces minimalist design in a collection that celebrates the modern woman.
And last but not least,  Afew Jewels is the recent addition to our growing global family. This Barcelona-based label works with gold & silver to create its signature lego-like pieces. We love the idea of being able to assemble or essentially stack several rings to create an intricate statement piece, as much as we love to wear a single rose gold ring and nothing else. 
See our journey continue with new designers & cities added each month, filed under "New Arrivals".






This is a very late post about the week our team spent in Paris for Men's FW 18 Fashion Week & The international trade show Tranoï. 
We came, we saw, we conquered. Then, we all got very sick, as true team members would. Hence, the delay in posting. 

We kicked off our grand tour with Hed Mayner's show where we saw a play on professional menswear through oversized cuts & reconstructed material. The meticulous tailoring kept the looks clean and sharp. Our team was most excited about Hed's knitwear that, from where we were sitting, would look great on women as well.

We spent the next few days roaming the streets of Paris for inspiration and the isles of the different trade-shows for new finds, coming in from all over the world. 

We met with designers from Tokyo, New York, Seoul, Berlin, Moscow, London and many more. The stories behind the designer brands we've met were incredible. We spent hours on the trade show floors exchanging fashion notes, talking about design cultures and the shared vision we all had - independent, sustainable brands rising to the top & doing it by joining forces from within our creative communities.

We can't wait to introduce you to the amazingly talented designers we've met in Paris. Make sure you check back for new designers & new collections every few weeks or so. 

*Hed Mayner photos by Atalia Yaari



Exactly Two weeks ago Tel Aviv put its running shoes on and went for a night run. The city's central streets were shut down for one late evening where 25K runners crossed it on their 10km run. We knew we had to get with it. So, instead of just running it - we waited for all the women who crossed the finish line with chilled bottles of Perrier and a gift card - sponsored by us.
We were so inspired by the thousands of incredible women, of all ages, who put their will power & endurance to test. And KILLED it. It was touching to watch how many of these women got together in small running groups and supported each other along the way. We also vowed to join them in the next mini-marathon and have our little Border Street running team, branded and all. So, if any of you lovely ladies want to join us - drop us a line. Training starts - YESTERDAY!
Check the shots.



Here are a few pics from our intimate affair aka designer showcase & pop-up in Tel Aviv for our VIP's.

Good vibes x good times for all. Watch out for future events here.




Your wanderlust fashion journey start here.
This summer, we were busy traveling, searching, trying on, changing, posing and finally choosing. We chose what we consider to be the Crème de la Crème of independent fashion labels from around the world. We found the most exciting designers, from Berlin to Barcelona, who create from the gut and deliver top-quality product which is locally sourced, handmade and above all - infused with creativity and passion.
One of the things that excites us the most is the fact that we're watching how the vision for our project is becoming a reality, city by city, new incredible designer at a time.
Be sure to check back for our designer (in the) spotlight series introducing each city's hottest style-makers and the stories behind their brands.



We're hosting a pop up in Tel Aviv and you should be there.




Our summer-hot arrivals are finally here and boy are we excited! What we love the most about Tel Avivian summers we can also see in its fashion - fresh popping colors, simple & modern style and "day-to-night" vibe.

From zipper tennis dresses in baby blue & pink through sexy jungle-print jumpsuits, it's all about standing our in the (mostly)  black & white crowd and doing it with a Mediterranean flare.

Top it off with golden bangles and cute mini-satchel and you'll hit just the right amount of amazingness to leave a lasting impression but not overwhelm.

Check out all of the above & more here

Also shoot us an email to [email protected] or leave a comment here with your favorite new arrivals and we might just send it your way!

We know. Must be the heat messing with our heads. 

Keep calm & cool,





Tel Aviv's Taking Over The World

By Anna Turkot

After months of roaming the world for its best style makers - we've found the lovely ladies that help spread the word about Born & Raised.

From Vancouver to New York to Los Angeles - we're taking style notes from our fabulous blogger lady-gang and can't wait to see how our next city will inspire them.

Now we're giving 3 lucky fans the opportunity to win favorite statemnt peices picked by our bloggers. All you have to do is sign up here.

The winners will be annouced on May 15th.

Good luck!!!



By Emily Whyte Meridor


When Bornndraised asked us what were our top 10 favorite items for 2017, we couldn’t wait to make our shopping list!
As we enter the shortest month of the new year, check out our list of must-haves from Tel Aviv.

1. This black jumpsuit is perfect for an after-work event or drinks with friends. Pair it with a lace top and you’re good to go! 

2. Colle’cte’s yellow slim fit clutch is the perfect gift for someone special (ahem ahem, Valentines is right around the corner). Fun, practical and it won’t break our wallet.

3. This bracelet is a no-brainer addition to any of your evening looks!


4. We love this black sweatshirt’s way of being both feminine and strong.  

5. A must-have from the Born From Rock’s collection. Talk about eye-catching!


6. This dress was made for parties.  Not your usual winter plaid, this dress is all about movement…did someone say dance?  

7. How to get someone’s attention in the glow of candle lights…


8. Maxi length and total comfort, Portay doesn’t compromise style with ease.

9. Our definition of winter white. 


10. This lace top is perfectly paired with a glass of red and a “Valentine”. Romance away!




Dressing Up For The Holidays – Turned Inside Out
By Anna Turkot 

Diving head first into the holiday season has me scrambling for outfit ideas and engaging in the never-ending search for the "perfect" dress. No matter the occasion, we always seem to start with the "main" piece, typically THE dress, and build around it, just like dressing up a Christmas tree. 

A week ago, while looking for a cute party dress online I had a eureka moment. I got off my laptop and marched into my bedroom, going straight for my lingerie drawer. I know that most of us don't spend more than 3 seconds in the morning on which bra or set to throw on. I get it - we’re in a haze, we're tired, we're late, we've got the kids and the hubby, breakfast, school, meetings, calls and the weather on our minds. We're multi-thinkers and multi-taskers and we're damn good at it. And we're only good at it because we've learned how to prioritize and invest our energy (divided into portions of various levels of intensity) in everything that's on our list, in a descending order of importance. So gosh,  "that fierce red bra because I'm feeling cheeky today or that black really comfy one because LONG day today" is pretty far down that mega-list, if at all.



And that's actually quite sad. Because why wouldn't I take the time to think about myself, even if for a few a minutes each day?  What mood I'm in and what attitude do I feel like embracing today? what bra? what dress? what shoes? what bag?  but not in that automatic, slightly robotic way but in a "I gave it some thought and I feel boss lady, sexy lingerie, LBD, black booties and powder leather satchel" kind of way.




So, back to my eureka moment. Looking at my semi-organized lingerie collection, I picked out a bra I haven't worn yet, even though it was laying in my drawer for quite some time now. It was a convertible bra that could turn into strapless and criss-cross styles that I got from Brayola a few months back. I decided then that I would flip things around and build my holiday outfit around the very basic item, that goes first on my body and have it inspire my overall style, down to which earrings I’ll wear and which bag I'll carry.




Then, I decided I'll work this method for a full week and see what results I get. Tired from wearing mostly the same outfit combos just because I'm used to matching certain items together, the following week was all about mixing things up by starting with the basics - a bra or a lingerie set. The results? I'll let you be the judge of that. What I can say is that my little experiment was an overall reminder to take some time each day to think of no one but myself, and change things up a little - every once in awhile. I highly recommend it!



Shalom amigos,
So after much anticipation and preparation, we're happy to present the first installation of our collab project with The Mamu blog, our favorite TLV street style duo. Gearing up for the holidays, we decided to sprinkle some fashion joy your way in the form of this thanksgiving style guide as presented by our beloved Mamu. 

P.S You can shop all looks here.


A page out of a diary of a Tel Avivian style babe that has never attended a thanksgiving dinner. Ever.

Dear god...thank you. 

Thank you for the world's best holiday season, starting off with Thanksgiving. And before we thank you for all the good things you have given us over the past year, there are few more urgent and significant matters to address, like how in the good name of stuffed turkey one is to be expected to think about what to wear for all upcoming holiday events, when really all we can think about is stuffing, gifting, catching a flight, missing one and the long way back home? So, I've been thinking. I've been thinking that I could do the world and its humans some good by directing them away from the sure-to-happen holiday style disasters. Because, well, you see- style is global and so is the lack there of. We (me and my PIC) offer to be your creative directors outlining the proper looks for the upcoming holidays. We volunteer to aid the misguided in the search for the perfect holiday getup for each possible occasion.

 Please see below for fresh holiday attitude, XO.

The Mamu


Holiday dinners can be quite amusing. You’ll be attending one at your grandmother’s house, and as far as you can tell, she’s still daydreaming of the 70’s, which means white sneakers are banned indefinitely and Scherpen velvet is the most dignified option to go with. Paired with a red turtleneck (you are bold and free, carry on, yes you can!) and platform grunge boots that emphasize how cool and timeless you are. You're probably the object of adoration of your entire family. Don't forget that your most killer item is your partner, bringing on a retro vintage style. He looks so hot that even your grams will fall for him (expect a huge xmas gift).


The meal is over and you've said goodbye to all your aunts and uncles and maybe gained a pound or two. Now, the night planned out with your friends is finally here…What should you wear? (Dammit!) In this scenario, we beg you to live on the edge! Forget the rules and let your body loose with a flowy jumpsuit. Remember you're full of confidence and you don’t need to always highlight your curves to show how sexy you are. You know you are sexy, feminine and beautiful. Don't they say you look most beautiful when you feel comfortable? so yeah, that. Accentuate your edgy look by adding a yellow leopard boot and pair with a floral bomber jacket. Now look at you, aren't you a walking inspiration!


Post night-out status. W e find ourselves passed out on the couch, not much success in getting into bed. The only thing we wish for is to stay home and enjoy a cheesy movie marathon. Hence, boyfriend knitwear is essential for cuddling and canoodling. And what about pants? keep them loose and comfy for a snuggle under the covers, walks in the park and maybe meeting your girlfriends post-turkey brunch at the local cafe. If you decided to drop the bf and hang with the ladies, do not forget to top off your comfy pant look with an off-the-shoulder statement top. After all, gotta stay festive!
IG @themamu

All photos by @thestreetvibe.